Who We Are

My name is Nancy Pearsall. I have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). I have been on oxygen 24/7 since I was diagnosed in 2001. Fortunately, I have a great Pulmonary Rehabilitation program to attend. I have learned a great deal about the many diseases of the lungs. I have also become aware of the accommodations we must make to enable our lives to be easier, help prevent flare-ups (exacerbations), take care of ourselves and learn to live with diseases that literally "take your breath away".


Some Medical Uses for BreathWarmers™

I learned that part of this lung disease as well as cardiac disease, asthma, etc. causes us to have difficulty breathing in cold weather. I was told at pulmonary rehab that we need to cover our nose and mouth to prevent bronchial spasms. I tried to find a scarf that I could breathe through which would warm the cold Michigan air and wind where I live. I went online to see what I could find and was not able to find anything that I could easily wear that was not "ugly or affordable". Upon talking to the supervisor at my pulmonary rehabilitation center, I suggested that I thought I could design one that would fit my criteria and might help others. She urged me to come up with several designs and use my large group of rehab friends as a test market. This was the birth of "BreathWarmers". My husband who is retired from General Motors and I turned a bedroom of our home into BreathWarmers Central. The response has been great! We were urged to market the scarf and are now selling online throughout the United States and even abroad.


BreathWarmers™ Customers

After showing them to our lung patient and cardiac patient friends, we found that we were getting calls from a much larger population. Cancer patients, outdoor sports enthusiasts, children with cold-induced breathing problems, runners, and many more were purchasing our cold air mask. We have now expanded to make a Youth Size of BreathWarmers and we've added many colors.


Our Mission

My hope is that BrathWarmers help to make life just a little easier for folks with all the challenges we have in this world.


It is very important to both my husband and I that our product, that was born out of necessity for my health, can go on to help many more.

Nancy and Clyde Pearsall – founders of BreathWarmers™


2011 recipient of the Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce, Flint, Michigan  eTEAM Spark Award which recognizes businesses for their "entrepreneurial spark" as demonstrated by their determination, vision, identified market, growth potential, and setting and achieving business goals.