Warm, soft, attractive

and easy-breathing!

BreathWarmers™ COPD and cold air masks warm inhaled air using your own body heat, taking the shock out of cold air.



WITHOUT BreathWarmers

For some individuals, breathing in cold air is a shock to the lungs which can cause bronchial spasms and restrict breathing.

WITH BreathWarmers

By design, BreathWarmers

capture your body heat and

warms incoming air, eliminating the shock to your lungs.

Unparalleled Design


A cold weather mask should never be restrictive. BreathWarmers are different by design.  Every aspect of our cold weather masks has been perfected to provide optimal breathability and comfort.


  BreathWarmers are specially designed for COPD patients,
cardiac conditions, asthma and other lung issues


  Ergonomic elastic design provides a comfortably snug fit over the nose to keep snug and eliminate "fogging" of glasses


  360 degree wrap design provides warmth for neck and ears

The Perfect Material


Our team spent over 2 years searching the globe for the perfect material for our BreathWarmers.


  Crafted out of specialty polar fleece with adjustable Velcro closures for a seamless design and unparalleled comfort


  Moisture wicking fabric technology provides a consistently dry, light mask with optimal heat retention


  Easily washed and quickly dried

Unsurpassed Comfort


BreathWarmers provide the most comfortable COPD and cold weather mask on the market, ready to provide coziness for any level of physical activity.


Perfect for runners, hunters and winter sport enthusiasts


Does not restrict oxygen lines under mask


Easily pulled down when coming indoors or into warm air environments